Fri 27 Feb 2015

Alcohol Interlock Devices Mandatory in Victoria for Drink-Drivers Who Have Licences Cancelled:

Imposing an alcohol interlock on a licence is mandatory for all drink driving offences committed on or after 1 October, 2014 (regardless of the BAC reading).

Drink-drivers in Victoria who have their licence cancelled are required to have special locks fitted to their cars to prevent them driving while under the influence. The driver has to breathe into the interlock and the car will not start if a blood alcohol limit of 0.02 is reached.

New rules apply to anyone who blows above 0.07 and is disqualified and anyone below that on a zero alcohol limit such as a Provisional licence driver.

Will I be required to have an Alcohol Interlock, if so, for how long?

An alcohol interlock condition only applies to drink driving offences, and offences where a finding was made that the offence was committed under the influence of alcohol or both alcohol and a drug.

The blood alcohol limit in Victoria is 0.05.

The devices are also capable of taking photos to make sure that the correct person gives the sample.

Previously, only disqualified drivers found to be over 0.15, repeat offenders or those under the age of 26 who recorded a 0.07 blood alcohol content were required to have the devices fitted.

Drivers will have to pay $1,605 for the device for a minimum period of six months.

Anyone in the Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program on or after 30 January 2015 will pay a cost recovery fee of $39.70 per month per alcohol interlock. This fee pays for the costs of operating the Program. From 30 January 2015, this fee will be added to the usual monthly charges to service and maintain the alcohol interlock. This fee is collected by the alcohol interlock service agent and then sent to VicRoads.

VicRoads said the alcohol interlocks were “proven to reduce repeat drink-driving” by up to 64 per cent. It is expected that up to 10,000 interlocks will be installed each year under the Victorian Government’s legislation, up from 5,400.

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