Mon 08 Oct 2018

Barwon Water Update – Sewerage Code Update:

Barwon has adopted the Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia WSA02-2014-3.1 MRWA Version 2. The sewerage code covers the planning, design and construction of trunk, branch and reticulation sewers as well as maintenance structures and replaces the previous 2002 version of the code.

An Updated Barwon Water Sewerage supplement is now available.

The Gravity Sewerage Code applies to all infrastructure delivered both under the capital works and developer works processes.

Capital works:

Capital works designed from 1 July 2018 will need to comply to the 2014 code and updated supplement.

Developer works:

The transition to the 2014 code for works delivered through the developer works process has been stepped as follows:

  • From 1 September 2018 all new Developer Deeds will be updated referencing the 2014 code.
  • All designs based on Developer Deeds approved after 1 September 2018 will adopt the 2014 code.
  • All designs based on Developer Deeds approved after 1 July 2018 but prior to 1 September 2018 can adopt either the 2002 code or the 2014 code. The consultant will clearly nominate the code used.
Main Provisions of the Supplement are:

Barwon Water will generally adopt South East Water’s Design limitations to the code.

Minimum Pipe size for Property Connections:

The requirement for Road crossings to be DN150 RRJ (minimum) is removed.

Maximum Depth of Property Connection:

For connections into existing sewers greater than 4m deep, use manholes or maintenance chambers.

All property connection points to be installed at ta maximum depth of 1.5m.

For cut-in on live sewers, use stainless steel junction clamps.

Spacing of Maintenance Structures:

Backfill type (applicable to all types of maintenance structures): 3% stabilised sand.

Recycled Glass Sand embedment is not permitted.

Types of Manhole construction, diameters, step irons:
  • Material type to be as per MRWA-S-300 and WSAA 2014 MRWA Clause. Plastic manholes are accepted. Refer to Barwon Water for approved plastic manholes products.
  • Precast manholes will be considered on a case specific basis and additional requirements may apply.

Precast concrete manholes are not approved for use in the following conditions:

  • Trafficable areas, Industrial areas, water surcharged ground;
  • At depths greater than 6m and or on surcharged sewers, and
  • Locations subject to surcharge.


  • The requirement for manholes to be 1500mm diameter for sewers greater than 3.0m is removed. Comply with MRWA-S-300 Table 300-C.
  • Step irons are allowed.  Comply with MRWA-S-308 and MRWA-S-314.

Note:  Maintenance chambers are only allowed to be used for connections greater than 4m deep and at discharge connections of 11 units or more (refer to Table 104-A of MRWA standard MRWA-S-104A).

More information:

Further information highlighting key changes will be made available in due course. For enquiries, please contact Barwon Water on 1300 656 007.