The latest release of the Building & Construction Industry Working Group Safety Guidelines (revision 8) with immediate effect is ready for you to view below, a self-explanatory note of changes accompanying the release and the final document is what you need to do when we move through to the next stage and this industry is declared “open” subject to a High Risk COVIDSafe Plan being in place.  

The Guidelines have been redrafted to incorporate the latest updates including any relevant new DHHS Directions and best practice.  It will still be important to read Revision 8 in conjunction with the applicable DHHS Directions and the Victorian Government Business Victoria Construction Sector Guidance. 

The changes made for this revision (Revision 8), include the following:

  1. References the CHO Workplace Directions as the fundamental enforceable obligations.
  2. Updates the definition of ‘close contact’ as provided by DHHS.
  3. Updates the requirements for testing and quarantine for positive cases as per latest DHHS advice.
  4. References the DJPR FAQ’s on the Business Vic website.
  5. References and links the CALD worksite resources available.
  6. References the requirement of all sectors to have a High Risk COVIDSafe Plan and provides a link to the Business Vic templates.
  7. Updates cleaning and disinfecting procedures, in accordance with latest DHHS advice.
  8. Incorporates the recent changes of DHHS directions to wear a fitted face mask, effective 11 October 2020.
  9. Workplace Mapping section now includes reference to contactless or electronic means – these are not mandatory.
  10. Provision is included for COVID Marshals as recommended for the Large Scale Sector, with guidance on their role and qualifications.
  11. Updates composition of the B and C Industry COVID-19 Taskforce, flowcharts, attachments and minor editing.
  12. Further clarification to ‘close contact’ definition and relevant flow charts in line with DHHS advice.
  13. Links to the latest WorkSafe Alert for face masks in Construction. 

The content on the Business Victoria website will continue to be updated as further clarifications become necessary and we encourage all members to continually check this key reference site on a regular basis.

The focus and further work of the Building & Construction Industry Working Group is now being directed towards what a “Return to Work” strategy might look like.  CCF would like to assure members that there is continuous engagement with Government with a view to facilitating the best scenarios and outcomes for the industry under current circumstances.

Other useful websites to stay up to date:

Sector guidance for Construction businesses within metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria:

DHHS latest Coronavirus updates:

Please call 1300 DIAL CCF if you require further information.