CCF CODE (v10) – A framework/standard for development and implementation of Company (SEQ) Management Systems operating in the Australian Construction Industry.

The primary purpose of the CCF Code (v10) is to assist contractor businesses in achieving and maintaining compliance to the relevant industry standards and regulations, required by Federal and/or State Authorities.

Targeted specifically at the construction industry, its stakeholders and contractors, CCF Code (v10) has been developed to be used as a practical, easy to interpret Standard, enabling those to demonstrate by certification that their services meet the industry benchmark and relevant regulatory requirements– and so that procurers of such services can be assured of high levels of SEQ compliance in their delivery.

CCF Code (v10) draws together elements of quality, workplace health and safety, and environmental management, in one system. Compliance ensures quality, safety and efficiency – accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) for third party certification.

CCF Code (v10) – Features many advantages over other Management Systems Standards including:
  • Targeted specifically at the construction industry
  • JAS-ANZ accredited, comparative to ISO Standards
  • Modelled on proven worldwide ‘best practice’ (ISO type Standards)
  • Easy to understand, less technical speak
  • Risk-based, process driven approach for all SEQ aspects
  • Average certification costs up to 70% less than comparable certifications
  • A recognised prequalification for many procurement bodies (i.e; councils, authorities)
  • Recently updated (version 10) and industry current
  • Industry guidance and assistance provided by CCF
CCF Code (v10) – Key benefits include:
  • Increased ability to save time and money by identifying and solving recurring problems
  • Improved system and processes efficiency
  • Increased operational safety
  • Competitive advantage when tendering for contracts
  • Increased business credibility with clients
  • Greater potential for increased revenue and profit
  • Less time spent on annual auditing (compared to some other standards)

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Are you a currently Certified to CCF Code Version 9?

As of 28 February 2021, Version 9 of the CCF Code will no longer be valid for certification purposes. By this date CCF Systems Certified Contractors must have upgraded and be certified to CCF Code Version 10, in order to remain compliant. For operational and auditing purposes, it is recommended to update to v10 well in advance of this date.

Annual Auditing

Contractors are able to achieve CCF Code Certified Contractor status, by implementing management systems and undergoing an audit by a JAS-ANZ accredited, third party Certification Body. This audit should be repeated on an annual basis. CCF Code v10 specifies the management system requirements that will allow a contractor to demonstrate that an appropriate system is in place to direct the delivery of services required to meet customer expectations and applicable SEQ legislative requirements. Similarly, the Code requires that the contractor’s system generate objective evidence to demonstrate the management of business and project risks.

ASk us more about:

CCF Management System Document Suite (MSDS)

The Code requires that the contractor’s system generate objective evidence to demonstrate the management of business and project risks. To facilitate this, CCF has developed a Management System Document Suite (MSDS) that enables contractors to achieve and maintain ongoing compliance with the CCF Code. This MSDS comprises over 100 documents, including; plans, guidelines, forms/templates, registers and reports, each an effective support tool for operations management and record keeping.

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Introducing Skytrust

CCF has partnered with Skytrust, to offer a user-friendly, online integrated software system, approved by CCF for hosting the CCF Code’s Management System Document Suite (MSDS) – designed to help contractor businesses manage their compliance to the new CCF Code v10.

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