Thu 24 Nov 2016

CCF invite you to join the fight against Breast Cancer:

CCF Victoria would like to invite all Members, Non Members and partners along on Thursday 8 December to hear from a very special group of tremendously brave women as they raise funds to battle Breast Cancer.

This gathering (as part of CCF’s growing Corporate Social Responsibility Program) is designed to allow an opportunity to hear the stories behind not only their personal journeys, but also how each of the ladies came to be part of the 2017 Breast Cancer Fundraiser Calendar.

The calendar itself is a colourful and empowering visual representation of the metamorphosis that each girl has undergone – both through her experience with her breast cancer diagnosis and through the uplifting transformation of a full body paint and photo shoot session.

The ‘So Brave’ breast cancer fundraiser calendar came about following a chance meeting in August last year. Rachelle Panitz from Brisbane and body paint artist Wendy Fantasia from Melbourne both attended a business conference, and after speaking with one another, Wendy suggested to Rachelle that as a breast cancer survivor body painting might be an empowering thing to do. Two weeks later Rachelle called back with the idea of doing a calendar. The point of difference? To highlight diagnosis in women under 40.

The calendar presentation will go for approximately 1 hour and includes an appearance by one of the four local calendar girls who will describe her own story. Wendy will then take you through the actual creation of the images – finding models, photographers, developing the designs, serendipity, the amazing road trip. Lots of laughs, tears, dramas and fun – the physical printed product we have now is the culmination of passion and skills by so many people.

Calendars will be available for purchase after the presentation and are $30 each with all net proceeds going to fund breast cancer research. You can also purchase a calendar by visiting the SoBrave website here.

Please contact CCF Events Officer Julia Bailey on (03) 9822 0900 to register your place. We hope to see you there.