Wed 29 Jun 2016

CCF National Media Release – Don’t forget workplace reform:

The peak industry body representing the Civil Construction industry says that workplace reform is vital to the Nation’s economic future and that it should not be forgotten as the 2016 Federal Election campaign reaches its zenith.

The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) in releasing its Workplace Relations Position Paper* said that the current Workplace Relations system and supporting laws and regulations need significant overhaul so as not to conspire to achieve outcomes almost totally opposite to objectives aimed at delivering a better Australia, a stronger Australia and a fairer Australia.

“There is so much complexity in the current system with award interpretation extremely difficult to navigate for business, especially for small business operators, many vulnerable to prosecution even when paying above award to their employees,” said CCF National Chief Executive Officer, John Miller.

“Workplace reform and particularly industrial relations was in many ways the genesis of the July 2 election and irrespective of the outcome of the election, workplace reform that leads to a much simpler and balanced system must be a priority for the incoming government. The reality is that many businesses are totally confused by current arrangements.

“The current and sheer complexity of the system, the unbalanced representation rights and the constant major shifts in Workplace Relations replace innovation and enthusiasm with indecision and uncertainty and without these issues being addressed sooner rather than later the positive impacts on the economy will be delayed.

“We remain committed in support of policy that ensures that a strong and independent regulator such as the Australian Building and Construction Commission is in place to oversight the industry and can deal with the type of unlawful conduct long recognized as massive burden on the country economically and socially and which simply is not part of the industrial landscape elsewhere.

“Members of the CCF are urging workplace reform to ensure as an industry we can contribute strongly to the Australian economy as well as achieve a much greater level of certainty and security for our businesses and the people we employ and their families,” concluded Mr. Miller.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the CCF Workplace Relations Position Paper.