CCF Victoria has joined other union and employer groups for a collaborative new campaign focused on workplace safety in the building, construction and development industry.

The campaign coincides with the metropolitan Melbourne part of the sector moving to the ‘Restricted’ phase, with an aim to continue the great track record of safety the industry has had since March.

The campaign aims to influence all workers and will also see the messages translated into 15 different languages and cultural context, so workers of all backgrounds can easily access the important information on COVID-19 safety.

This campaign will involve downloadable on-site information provided to all employers and workers across the range of groups in the industry, and a social media campaign that each union and employer group will promote through their various member channels.

The group of unions and employer associations have worked with leading multicultural agency Cultural Pulse to develop the messages and they will also deliver the communications through various multicultural groups and digital channels to ensure everyone understands the importance of operating in a COVID safe manner. 

The campaign will cover different phases over the coming weeks and months, from safety and hygiene on the worksite to the need for those practices to be observed away from work in the household, to help protect the safety of individuals, their work colleagues and their livelihoods.    

The building, construction and development industry has been a leader in the implementation and adaptation of new COVID-19 safety protocols. Most of those protocols mandated in the Government roadmap have already been proactively implemented by the industry over the last seven months.

It’s these actions that have seen the building, construction and development industry keep infection and transmission rates at a fraction of the community average and have made onsite workers less-likely than the rest of the community to contract COVID-19.   

Posters, social media tiles and messages can be downloaded here:

The site contains messaging in the following languages:

English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi,  Dari, Pashto, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Korean, Indonesian, and Croatian. Greek, Sinhalese and Farsi will be added later today.

List of unions and employer associations involved in the campaign: Civil Contractors Federation Victoria, CFMEU Victoria, Master Builders Victoria, Incolink, National Electrical and Communications Association, Electrical Trades Union, Master Plumbers,  Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union, Property Council of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia,  AMWU, AWU, Australian Institute of Building, AMCA, Australian Constructors Association, prefabAUS and National Fire Industry Association.

“Our industry engagement as a united group of employer associations and unions has been critical in supporting the safety and wellbeing of all workers during this crisis. This is another important initiative that demonstrates our continued commitment to provide a COVID safe work environment on all construction sites.”

John Kilgour, CEO of the Civil Contractors Federation Victoria

“Our industry has led the way on COVID-19 safety practices over the last seven months, but the easing of restrictions does not mean our sector can rest on its laurels. This is a fresh campaign aimed to overcome any fatigue in our community and will be dynamic in its messaging over the next few months to ensure worksites remain vigilant, safe, and open to lead Victoria’s economic recovery.”

Rebecca Casson, CEO of Master Builders Victoria

“Large scale construction returns to 85% capacity next week, and while we’ve done a great job to date, now is not the time to be complacent. This campaign speaks to all ethnic groups, reminding us all of the importance of following the rules and safety measures put in place to ensure our safety, our families and the community.  We must all do our bit to keep our industry working.”

John Setka, Secretary of CFMEU Victoria and Tasmania

Footnote:  The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) is the peak industry body representing Australia’s civil construction industry. With over 2,000 members nationally and over 500 in Victoria, CCF members are responsible for the construction and maintenance of Australia’s major infrastructure, including roads, bridges, pipelines, drainage, ports and utilities.

For more information, contact the CCF Team on 1300 DIAL CCF or email