Wed 30 Jan 2019

Civil Contractors Federation Restructure

I am pleased to advise all CCF members and key stakeholders that the planned restructure of the Civil Contractors Federation at both National and State levels was undertaken with effect from 1 January 2019.

Over the last 3 years, CCF National (“CCF”) and its’ State Branch members have been working on restructuring its operations to drive greater business efficiencies aligned to the core activities of the National and State Bodies and preserve the assets of the CCF.

As outlined in our 2018/2020 Action Plan, the CCF National Board is responsible for coordination, policy, advocacy and administration of CCF, and the boards of the state branches (including CCF Victoria) are responsible for overseeing activities conducted within the state.

CCF is the owner of all of the assets of CCF and under the oversight of the national board those assets are managed, in the main, by the relevant state branches. The inherent risk is that all of the liabilities arising from the operation of the branches sit within CCF and potentially exposes all of the assets to the operational liabilities incurred by State branches.

CCF incurs a significant cost in compliance, a lot of which, is associated with activities other than the core Fair Work Act activities. There was also considerable administrative duplication in costs incurred by each of the unincorporated state branches.

CCF National will now maintain the Fair Work body to focus on its core purpose and activity associated with being an association of employer, while at the same time move towards separating out from the Fair Work body the activities that are not the core activity of the Fair Work body into a more appropriate and efficient structure.

With the restructure, CCF National has:

(a) retained its peak body functions;

(b) established of a new ‘holding company’ (a company limited by guarantee) as the new national entity. The new entity has contractual and governance relationships with the state branches (including CCF Victoria) to regulate the respective activities and accountabilities of each to each other; and

(c) established incorporated state branches, which will undertake activities not required to be undertaken as an employer association.

The core activity of the Fair Work body (CCF) is to:

(i) represent contractors in civil construction industry;

(ii) participate in the bargaining for collective agreements and model awards for its members;

(iii) participate in the dispute resolution of work place rights on behalf of members; and

(iv) manage the industrial relationships, workplace relations of its members; and

(v) advocacy /policy.


The core activity of the new structure and state branch entity (CCF Victoria Ltd) is to:

(i) promote the civil industry for benefit of community, including public relationships;

(ii) provide support of civil construction industry;

(iii) share information and network regarding best practice; and

(iv) provide regional presence to support resource industry growth and operate commercial activity


John Kilgour, CEO – CCF Victoria Ltd