Tue 05 Mar 2019

CCF Victoria in Partnership with Outlook Environmental

The demand for and supply of civil construction workers is out of balance. There is significant demand for and challenges associated with the supply of adequately trained individuals who are work site ready. Add to this the Victorian Government’s procurement policies, such as the Major Projects Skills Guarantee (MPSG), and Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework, resulting in further complexities for the civil construction industry. These policies have an impact on Small to Medium Sized (SME) civil construction businesses, who could be sub-contracting to Tier One organizations.

Many SMEs do not have the level of experience and internal administrative resources to cope with the demand of recruiting entry level workers or operators as required. There are thousands of workers required to work on current and projected infrastructure projects. All Victorians should have the opportunity to participate and contribute to our State’s growing economy. Government has an important role to play in creating the right conditions to enable this to happen.

In the release of the Victorian Government 2018, Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework, the Minister for Industry and Employment, Mr Ben Carroll, states; “Across Victoria, Government investment to deliver sustainable economic growth is creating new jobs and businesses and unlocking untapped potential across our diverse, ambitious population”.

In tackling this challenge, CCF Victoria is pleased to have established a “Civil Skills Development Partnership” with CCF member, Outlook Environmental. Operating since 1997, Outlook Environmental is one of the largest social enterprises in Victoria specialising in the provision of waste management, e-waste processing and labour hire services to, local councils, corporates and large infrastructure projects. As a social enterprise, Outlook’s Vision is to create “an inclusive society for all”, and its Mission is” creating and facilitating sustainable opportunities for people with a disability to live, work and play within our communities”. Outlook Environmental Infrastructure Services has grown to become one of the largest providers of waste transport and processing services to large infrastructure projects in Victoria. Take a moment to view a short video – Making Social Procurement Work: https://youtu.be/H_7Rg0KWw3A

  • CCF Victoria has identified an opportunity to assist SME (sub-contractor) members to meet staffing requirements, that reflect Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework. The fundamentals of the framework are to build a fair, inclusive and sustainable Victoria. This is achieved through the procurement of adequately trained employees from the categories of long-term unemployment, disengaged youth, single parents, migrants and refugees, workers in transition and people with a disability.

We recognised that Outlook Environmental and CCF Victoria have shared values and a commitment to supporting individuals with the opportunity to participate in civil industry endorsed training, to gain employment and develop a sustainable career.

CCF Victoria has a generic, foundation skills development program, titled the Civil Skills Cadetship Program (CSC Program). This is a baseline program from which skills development activities are linked to the realities of “what it’s like to work” in the civil construction sector on infrastructure projects.

The CSC Program is designed to encourage entry level workers, to take up an opportunity for a career in the Civil Construction Industry. The CSC Program is a four-stage approach which delivers to participants, career support, Induction to the construction, cross industry competencies, civil construction core competencies, worksite experience, Industry Mentor support and blended eLearning experiences that are integrated throughout the program.  Participants complete twelve units of competency towards the Certificate III in Civil Construction (General), when they have been deemed competent at the conclusion of the CSC Program.

Led and endorsed by the civil construction industry, the CSC Program is a meaningful foundation and agile skills development program. This program reflects the complexities of the civil construction industry. It sets the scene and supports each individual with wrap around services, to set individuals and therefore future employers up for success.

This Civil Skills Development Partnership is based on Outlook Environmental’s experience in generating employment through the provision of waste transport and processing services to major infrastructure projects. The success of this experience linked to CCF Victoria’s passion to build the skills of those wishing to enter the civil construction industry, will be a sustainable and valuable outcome for individuals, civil construction businesses, whether Tier One or sub-contractor and the broader community.

To learn more about the unique Civil Skills Development Partnership, please contact CCF Victoria on 1300 DIAL CCF or email cscprogram@ccfvic.com.au