The CCF notes that the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions (No 45) has led to some confusion amongst its members.

CLICK HERE to view Workplace Directions document.

On review of these Directions, the CCF has concluded that the intent of the Directions is to prohibit the operation of all construction sites in the Restricted area (Metropolitan Melbourne and the prescribed LGA’s). Construction sites include those places where civil works take place. This means that work on “early stage land development sites” in the Restricted area is also prohibited until further notice.

The CCF notes that subject to prescribed density limits and other measures, construction sites, including “early stage land development sites”, may continue to operate in Regional Victoria where the LGA is not a Restricted Area.

Penalties for failing to comply with these Health Directions are:

  • Individual:         $21,808.80;
  • Company:         $109,044.00;
CCF Victoria media statement on union protests

Please find attached CCF Victoria’s formal position statement on the current union protest and 2 week reset lockdown announced by the State Government – CLICK HERE to view Media Release.

It is essential that our industry gets back to work as quickly as possible and CCF Victoria is advocating strongly for it to do so.