Millions of dollars will be pumped into upgrading regional roads, footpaths and cycleways around Victoria to address significant safety issues.

Twenty-four sites across the state have been identified under the federal government’s Road Safety Program, with 15 projects in regional and nine projects in urban and metropolitan areas to receive up to $120 million in combined funding from the Australian and Victorian governments.

The proposed safety projects in Victoria to be funded include:

  • $4,745,000 for the Regional School Safety improvement package, including pedestrian and cyclist treatments.
  • $2,255,000 for the Regional Speed Package, constructing static traffic controls and signage to improve critical intersections and road awareness.

The federal government says the initiative aims to reduce the risk of death and serious injury crashes through road, footpath and cycleway improvements, adding the projects will also provide valuable road safety data that will help shape future policy and safety for all road users.

Meantime, the federal government is also committing $3 million to replace four single-lane bridges on Bass Valley Road in Poowong, in south Gippsland, as part of a wider funding package to boost freight productivity and to improve road safety outcomes across the country.

And, the new $200 million Safer Local Roads and Infrastructure Program is now open for applications from local councils to support the delivery of other high-priority road safety improvements, federal Minister for Regional Development and Local Government Kristy McBain said.

“Our regional road networks are ageing and under growing demand. Projects sharing in this $33.7 million will make these local road networks safer, and also ensure that heavier freight vehicles can utilise direct routes to deliver essential products and services.”