Mon 27 Aug 2018

Keeping up with the demands of the industry and meeting the crucial employment needs is the focus of the Civil Skills Development team who are excited about bringing an innovative training program to the industry.

The Civil Skills Cadetship (CSC) Program is designed to train vulnerable cohorts of the right people for the industry. Plans are in place to invest in approximately 120 participants.

The CSC Program is due to commence on Monday 4th February 2019. Our first group of participants will come from the RSL veterans sector; a group eager to get on with civilian life and create a dynamic career in the civil construction industry.

The Program will expose the participants to themed project based learning, consisting of core units from the Certificate III in Civil Construction course. To consolidate the fast tracked learning path, participants will be supported by industry Mentors and industry experts along the way. We expect participants to be ‘job ready’ at the end of the 35 day course, and from here they will be equipped to step into a ‘civil construction job’ and continue on with their Certificate III Civil Construction training as an Apprentice.

To help us to deliver a successful program, we are looking for Mentors and Host Employers.

Mentors who can dedicate a few hours, a couple of days per week to a student to help them learn their way around a construction site, and teach them the everyday happenings of working in a team and on a project;

Host Employers who are looking for ‘job ready’ skilled labourers, after completing their training through the CSC Program (35 days training). Once placed in a job, can continue on to complete their Certificate III in Civil Construction Apprenticeship. A great way to increase skilled staff to the industry.

If you are looking for employees, – labourers or  apprentices; or would like to be a Mentor (training provided), we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us at the CCF Victoria Office.