Wed 13 May 2015

Contractors Working on Electrical Assets – Help Develop a Member Issues Register:

Recent visits and conversations with CCF Members have alerted us to a variety of issues experienced by contractors working on electrical assets. It has been brought to CCF’s attention that those working on electrical assets should not be under-represented as part of CCF’s Member advocacy services and advocacy undertakings.

As such, CCF wishes to develop an “issues register” to firstly collect and ascertain which areas of their business activities require attention and action from CCF, and to secondly identify the most appropriate method of addressing and resolving these issues.

Therefore, CCF invites you to provide CCF with your feedback and to provide information about any difficulties or opportunities for improvement in the electrical service field you have or currently encounter.

Please be assured that in the collection of this information, any company or specific company difficulty will not be identified to other contractors, clients or governing bodies unless authorised by that contractor.

CCF aims to focus on resolving or providing direction for the resolution of each issue in the most suitable method and time frame. This may involve individual action from CCF, electrical contractor group forums / teleconferences or any other procedure you prefer.

If you would like to contribute to this “issues register”, please send on email to CCF CEO John Stewart at outlining the following…

  • Company Name, Contact and Details
  • Location
  • Details of Issue (in as much detail as you wish)
  • Preferred method of, or suggestions for issue resolution (e.g. one-on-one contact with CCF, meeting with client, teleconference with other Members, etc).

You can also contact CCF direct if you wish on (03) 9822 0900.