6.30pm – Saturday, 13 February 2021

To: CCF Victoria staff, members and stakeholders.

URGENT ADDENDUM: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Circuit Breaker Lock-down Update – From the CEO’s Desk

Good afternoon.

Both myself and CCF Victoria Board members have fielded many calls over the last 24 hour period from CCF members seeking clarification and advice following the imposed 5-day “Circuit Breaker Lock-down and shut down” by the State Government.

CCF Victoria, is a highly respected employer based representative body.  We take great pride in the fact that we are “your voice” and represent to Government a wide, varied and diverse membership base encompassing large, small and highly specialist service providers in the Civil sector with unique offerings & skill sets. 

That is why the information that CCF provides on a regular basis, is for information only.  It is imperative that all our members make their own decisions based on this information as it applies to their business. CCF dispenses this information expediently, as it becomes available and in the most efficient & informative way to assist its members to make their own judgement calls.

With respect to the 5-day “Circuit Breaker Lock-down and shut down” announced yesterday by the Premier and State Government, CCF members are encouraged to review all the published Victorian Government data on the Business Victoria Coronavirus and DHHS websites.



In addition to the above, this includes but not limited to the following:

  • Statement from the Premier


  • Table of Restrictions particularly the category labelled as “Essential Workers”


The Premier’s Statement yesterday has created confusion amongst many CCF members.  His second last paragraph and I quote … A list of who is considered an essential worker will be made available online. But the short answer is – if you were a permitted worker during Stage 4 restrictions – you’ll most likely be an essential worker now too. For everyone else, we need you to work from home.”

As you are aware, under previous Stage 4 restrictions, the various Building & Construction industry sectors, including civil works, was considered an “essential service”. 

This statement by the Premier, together with the directions being provided to us by Government, are circulated by CCF to its members for their information. To be kept informed and assist CCF members make their own decisions taking into account their specific circumstances, projects and the advice received from their clients and other stakeholders. 

Some of our members have received advice from water authorities that essential field related activities to construct, repair, operate and maintain our water & sewerage networks “will continue”.  It is clear services, circumstances, type of work performed, the sector you work in, your clients, the risks, etc, all form part of your assessment to either stop, or proceed with works.  This is your decision and it is not the place for CCF to decide, nor direct.

As always, CCF will endeavour to respond to all queries received from its broad 400+ strong contractor membership base in the most efficient timeline, noting that this situation imposed by Government has been sudden and is highly fluid. 

The next meeting of the Building & Construction Industry Working Group and Task Force is set with Government for Monday morning.  I will provide CCF members further updates and information emanating from this meeting as they come to hand. 

I trust this CEO update provides you with further clarity on our role in this situation, so that CCF members can make well informed decisions as it applies to their specific business circumstances and projects.

Until my next update …. keep well – keep safe.

Kind regards,