4.30pm – Thursday, 4 March 2021

To: CCF Victoria staff, members and stakeholders.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – From the CEO desk.

Update on Positive and Active Cases

It is pleasing to report that there have been no further positive cases recorded in Victoria over the last 24 hours with only 7 active cases remaining, all in quarantine.

Industry COVID-19 Guidelines (Revision 11)

I have just participated at a meeting of the Building and Construction Industry Working Group this afternoon, where we approved the release of Revision 11 of the Industry COVID-19 Guidelines.

These have now been formally released and contain the latest advice and guidance on managing your project and work sites from a COVID-19 perspective.

COVID-19 Guidelines for the Building & Construction Industry – Revision 11

An explanatory note of changes made to the Guidelines is available (link below), which outlines further details on the following updates:

  • The extension of the State of Emergency;
  • Updated Dept Health definitions of Close Contact and Procedures;
  • Electronic Workplace Mapping;
  • Density Quotients;
  • Wearing Face Masks at Work and in other situations;
  • Guidance Note on Airflow and Ventilation;

COVID-19 Guidelines for the Building & Construction Industry – Revision 11 – Explanatory Note

Update on Electronic Workplace Mapping and Compatibility

You will note the important update listed regarding the announcement by the Victorian Government, that from 27 March 2021 all businesses using electronic record keeping – such as a QR code system, MUST use a system that seamlessly integrates with the government’s contact tracing system to help contact tracers respond to outbreaks.

Refer https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/protecting-victorians-and-staying-covidsafe for more details.

This requirement will be mandated under new Chief Health Officer directions and will reduce the time it takes for the public health team to get the vital information from hours, down to minutes. Businesses can still choose to keep records manually, but they must apply the four-square metre rule. The requirement to share information will only be activated in the event of a positive case of coronavirus being detected at a specific location.

Major providers of private QR codes used in Victoria were part of a co-design process to make sure both business operators and customers will have a positive experience. A four-week grace period will give QR providers time to connect to the API, or allow businesses to switch to the free Victorian Government QR Code Service – www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/qrcode  

Business owners and operators should ask their provider if they intend to comply or can check if their QR code provider has connected to the Government’s API by visiting www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/visitationAPI

Until my next update …. keep well – keep safe.

Kind regards