Media Release: 7th October 2020

Small businesses in the construction sector stand to benefit from tens of millions of dollars in savings through the signing of the Victorian Government’s Small Business Regulatory Engagement Charter.

Minister for Small Business Jaala Pulford said that the charter would slash red tape and provide clarity for businesses on what they could expect from regulators – and what they need to do to meet their regulatory obligations.

Victoria’s construction sector makes an enormous contribution to Victoria’s economy, employing more than 290,000 people before the pandemic and generating $37.2 billion annually for the economy.

The Small Business Regulatory Engagement Charter is the flagship reform of the Victorian Government’s Small Business Regulation Review (Construction) Action Statement which identified potential annual savings for small operators of up to $42.6 million.

Inaugural signatories to the charter include four of the state’s most important regulators of the construction sector: Energy Safe Victoria, the Environment Protection Authority, the Victorian Building Authority and WorkSafe Victoria.

As part of its obligation under the charter, the Government has committed to identifying the best ways of making sure that small businesses in the construction sector get the information they need on issues such as applications, registration, certification and fees.

Through application of the charter, the regulators will develop user-friendly websites, guidelines and other tools to make it easier for businesses to understand and comply with regulations.

The charter is part of a package of reforms from the Government’s Small Business Regulation Review of the construction sector, following earlier reviews of the retail and visitor economy sectors. By cutting red tape for small businesses, the Government is helping to boost Victoria’s economy and drive growth.

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“This charter will mean owners can spend less time and money on compliance, freeing resources up to support business survival.”
“Small construction businesses collectively could save as much as $40 million a year – and it’s impossible to underestimate the value of time regained for families.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Small Business Jaala Pulford

“I’m delighted to see our energy safety and environment regulators coming on board to help small business.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio

“Employers need access to straightforward information so they understand their obligations to provide a safe workplace.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Workplace Safety Ingrid Stitt

“The VBA is an integral player in the construction industry and it’s appropriate that it makes efficiency a priority.”

Quote attributable to Minister for Housing Richard Wynne

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