The Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) supports Australian businesses entering or working in the defence industry and it is currently undertaking a review of its activities. CCF National has taken the opportunity to put forward a number of recommendations in support of the civil infrastructure sector aimed at directing more defence contracts to local companies and improving its dealings with industry.

In its submission to the Review of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, CCF National has put forward the following recommendations:

–    that Defence adopts a ‘minimum local content requirement for involvement in all Commonwealth Defence contracts’,
–    that a review be undertaken of the arrangements governing consultants managing SMEs, particularly in relation to civil construction works,
–    improved face to face engagement with civil construction companies based in rural and
regional areas would lead to enhanced project design and delivery outcomes, and
–    support for the expansion of regional advisory services to improve face to face interactions with civil construction companies in non-metropolitan areas. 

The Review findings and recommendations will be provided to Government in July 2020.