CCF Victoria have received a number of personal requests with the re-introduction of Stage 3 restrictions in the greater Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, does CCF have a template, or letter of authorisation, recognising the contractors and their employee as a worker in “essential services”.

Further to previous advice, we encourage all CCF members to ensure their workers have the following 3 items on their mobile device or tablet, to demonstrate and identify that they are an “essential services” worker:

  • Construction Induction (CI) white card confirming that they actually work in the sector – all construction workers will have a valid CI card to identify who they are and that they are duly authorised / inducted to access construction / worksites;
  • Driver’s License or valid ID that will identify and validate the person stated on the CI white card as per above; and if that is not sufficient
  • letter of authorisation from their employer that will validate all of above;

To assist CCF members in this regard, we have developed a CCF Member letter / template for your use and placed this on the CCF member portal.  CCF members can only access the template via the member portal on the CCF website under Member Resources>Human Resources

If you are a member and wish to download: “Letter of Authorisation Civil Contractors Federation Member – Essential Services” please login to our weBsite here