Tue 03 Feb 2015

Draft Code of Practice for Management of Infrastructure in Road Reserves – Contractor Feedback Requested:

VicRoads in consultation with Industry and Utility Service owners have undertaken a substantial review of the former “Streetworks Code of Practice” and developed the attached Management of Infrastructure in Road Reserves document. It is now at a stage where feedback from the broader aspect of industry is sought.

The revised Code of Practice is designed to provide “good practice” guidance around the allocation of standard space for utility services in road reserves (with a particular focus on new ‘greenfield’ urban development areas). As such it will be an important document that most contractors will be referring to in the future in the construction of infrastructure assets.

Being part of the review group, CCF has been requested to seek contractor feedback on the revised Code. As such, your review and considered comments are welcome and will form part of a formal response from CCF on the final content of the Code.

We would be grateful to receive your comments/feedback/concerns by email to jstewart@ccfvic.com.au before close of business Friday 27 February, 2015. The CCF submission will be prepared from your collective comments and lodged with VicRoads before 13 March, 2015.

Given the importance of this document and the relevance to many Members, we encourage you to respond at your earliest convenience.

Click here to download the draft Code of Practice.