Wed 25 Nov 2015

EPA Illegal Dumping Update:

EPA Victoria would like to remind companies in the civil sector about their obligations when generating, transporting and disposing hazardous waste (Prescribed Industrial Waste) material.

Some short educational videos have been produced by EPA Victoria to help companies understand their duties and the process of managing PIW material. CCF Victoria is communicating with EPA on a regular basis to ensure the necessary preventative information and proactive guidance is made available to its members. CLICK HERE to visit the EPA’s Illegal Dumping webpage for these videos and supporting regulatory resources.

Rules for managing waste:

The following identifies some key responsibilities under the Environment Protection Act and Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009 for waste destined for offsite management. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with your legal obligations. You should not assume you can avoid these by contracting to a third party.


Note: To move PIW interstate, an application must be submitted to EPA (Regulation 26).


Note: To move PIW interstate, an application must be submitted to EPA (Regulation 26).

  • Ensure that the site has the appropriate approvals in place to operate (Section 27A).
  • Check that the waste can be received at the site (Section 27A)
  • Ensure that PIW is tracked using an EPA waste transport certificate (Regulation 33).
  • Retain information under regulation 33 for 24 months from the date on which waste was transported (Regulation 35).

Penalties for non-compliance with some of your legal requirements may exceed $750,000.00.

As always, please contact CCF Environmental Field Officer Wayne Huntley at or on (03) 9822 0900 for further information or to register to participate in CCF’s Environmental Management Committee.