Thu 27 Aug 2015

EPA Sets Their Sights on Waster Disposal:

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is focusing on the transport and disposal of industrial waste, including Prescribed Industrial Waste (PIW).

As a producer or transporter of industrial waste, your operations may be inspected over the next several weeks, as EPA steps up its surveillance of illegal dumping. These inspections will target illegal waste management practices such as the dumping of construction and demolition waste, and transporting PIW without the appropriate approvals.

Producers and transporters of industrial waste/PIW should be prepared for these inspections. CCF urges all Members to review their processes in accordance with the following advice and guidance material provided by EPA in this press release.

CLICK HERE to read the full Notice of Upcoming Inspections from EPA.

For additional resources, please visit the CCF Environmental Advice section of the CCF Website or for more information, contact CCF Environmental Officer Wayne Huntley on (03) 9822 0900.