2024 CCF Victoria Earth Awards

The CCF Victoria Earth Awards is an esteemed annual event that recognizes and rewards excellence in Project Construction, Management, Quality, Safety, Environment, Training, Innovation, Sustainability and more. It is the ideal opportunity to showcase your capabilities to the industry, your customers, community, and prospective clients.

The 2024 CCF Victoria Earth Awards promises to be a remarkable event, bringing together industry leaders, environmental enthusiasts, government representatives and stakeholders who share the common vision of a sustainable future. It will be a night of recognition, inspiration, and collaboration as we gather to applaud the projects and individuals who have made a positive impact on our industry and environment.   

The Earth Awards ceremony will feature various categories, encompassing a wide spectrum of sustainability-focused initiatives.  From renewable energy projects and waste management innovations to sustainable infrastructure designs and community engagement programs; the event will highlight the remarkable work being done to build a greener, more resilient future.