Transport projects are much more than just road pavement or rail line infrastructure, and there are many easy wins to be had using recycled materials in ancillary infrastructure applications. This includes all non-service or non-safety critical aspects of projects such as buildings, car parks, shared user paths, piping and green spaces. By choosing recycled materials over virgin content to construct these assets, a project can meet plenty of its sustainability and environmental goals.

Join Ecologiq’s Director Tony Aloisio in this webinar to explore the many opportunities that exist for recycled and reused materials including plastic, crumb rubber, glass, organics and textiles in ancillary infrastructure.

Recycled material products which are business-as-usual or innovative can be used to deliver noise walls, fencing, railing, conduits and traffic management, furniture, tiles, roofing, signage and landscaping.

Ecologiq is working closely with the construction industry to make recycled and reused materials the first choice where possible and pave a greener future for Victoria.

Guest Speaker:

Tony Aloisio – Director | Ecologiq

Tony Aloisio, Ecologiq’s Project Director, is an infrastructure industry leader who is passionate about sustainability and an enthusiastic advocate for a purposefully greener future.

Inspired by the opportunity to build a society where sustainability philosophies are put into action through effective carbon reduction strategies and a focus on building a robust a circular economy, in 2018 Tony completed the University of Cambridge’s sustainability leadership program. As a result, he combines his understanding of international best practice in sustainability with an in-depth knowledge of the local infrastructure construction industry.

Prior to joining Ecologiq, Tony spent eight years with Fulton Hogan Australia where he designed, developed and attained board-endorsement for their corporate sustainability strategy which encompassed UN sustainable development goals, a targeted carbon emissions reduction program and recycling initiatives.

Tony also took on key roles in the delivery of a range of largescale projects for Boral Asphalt, including the $2.5 billion Eastlink project.

Tony leads a dynamic team at Ecologiq, who aim to optimise the use of recycled and reused materials on Victorian infrastructure projects, change the approach to technical standards and specifications and build market capacity and capability.