CCF Online Masterclass: VESI Urban Residential Standards for Civil Contractors

Peter Gillham is the Senior Quality Assurance Officer (Field Audit and Quality) for Powercor and Citipower. Peter will provide an interactive presentation covering... VESI/VEDN website, Process for Accreditation, Requirements for Training, and the new Urban Residential Design (URD) Standards for Civil Designers and Contractors. This Presentation will be recorded and made available on CCF Victoria Website.

The Victorian Electricity Supply Industry’s (VESI) Urban Residential Development (URD) standard is a single dedicated document which specifies common design and construction requirements for URD projects across all five distribution businesses (DBs).

Feedback from industry, in particular CCF Victoria and ALDE, together with a review by the Essential Services Commission resulted in the formation of the Technical Standards Harmonisation Project.

This project confirmed that existing standards used in Urban Residential Development were:

  • difficult to use.
  • inconsistent across the distribution businesses.
  • challenging in achieving compliance.

The Technical Standards Harmonisation project was established (consisting of the five distribution businesses and industry representatives) to develop a new Urban Residential Standard. The objective was to…

  • to make standards across the five electricity distribution businesses consistent whilst allowing for justifiable differences.
  • ensuring consistent interpretation of standards by different distributors, auditors, designers and constructors.
  • improve project delivery timeframes.

Industry representation included UDIA, CCF Victoria and ALDE. Glenn Shallard of Winslow Constructions represented CCF Victoria and was an essential contributor to the working group.

A summary of the new URD can be seen Here.

The link to the full standard is Here.

Guest Speaker:

Peter Gillham – Quality Assurance Officer, Powercor

Peter Gillham has 40 years’ experience working in the electrical distribution industry both in Victoria and interstate. During this time he has worked in the private sector as a VEDN auditor for 10 years and as a network endorsed auditor for 15 years.

He provides bi-monthly VEDN auditor forums and Electrical Project Manager forums to stakeholders who provide these services in CitiPower/Powercor. He is a current VEDN committee member representing CitiPower/Powercor and is currently working with the Powercor Field Audit and Quality Team as a Quality Assurance Officer.