Breathe easier with our industry experts Greencap and WorkSafe who cover what you most need to know about complying with the new regulations in this unmissable webinar FREE for members. An essential Masterclass for Employers in the building and civil construction industry on how the Crystalline Silica Regulations affect your operations.

CCF Online Masterclass: New Crystalline Silica Regulations - What you most need to know now to reduce risk!

Crystalline silica is a natural mineral found in construction materials such as concrete, bricks, tiles, mortar and engineered stone. Exposure to crystalline silica dust over a long period of time at low to moderate levels, or short periods at high levels can lead to serious health conditions such as silicosis, which is an irreversible, incurable and progressive lung disease that can lead to disability and death. Construction and demolition employees can be at risk of developing these diseases.

We invite you to this informative session facilitated by CCF Victoria with speakers from OH&S & Risk experts Greencap and WorkSafe Victoria which will discuss the dangers of working around crystalline silica, and precautions that the civil industry can take to reduce the associated risks. An essential Masterclass for Employers in the building and civil construction industry… Register Now!

Event Host: Geoff Reynolds
HSEQ Advisor and Consultant – CCF Victoria

Geoff is a manager and innovator and has more than 40 years of experience as civil engineer in the water and environment industry in Australia, PNG, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. His experience includes management, investigation and strategic planning; detail design; administration, contract management and detailed construction supervision of infrastructure projects; appropriate low cost water supply and sanitation schemes; water conservation; hazardous and solid waste management; environmental site assessment; and remediation and energy related projects.

Geoff has an ongoing role with the Civil Contractor’s Federation Victoria to provide advice to its members for issues relating to Quality, Environment and Safety as well as engagement with the various Water Authorities, Victorian Planning Authority review of the Engineering Design and Construction Manual, Local Government Infrastructure Design Association, Victorian Energy Distribution Companies and the EPA.

Guest Speakers:

James Webster – Program Officer/ Technical Inspector | WorkSafe Victoria

Prior to joining WorkSafe in 2018, James worked as an A-Grade electrician in the construction industry. In his time at WorkSafe, James has enjoyed the roles of construction inspector, technical inspector and program officer. James is in the process of completing his Bachelors of Public Health and Health Promotion at Deakin University, which has helped him in his role as a Program Officer within the Strategy team,  assisting in the development of the Priority Harms Project.

James will discuss the regulations, compliance code and cover a little bit on the  WorkSafe Priority Harms Program and the civil sub-sector including a chronological overview of the new Crystalline Silica Regulations.

Jason Green and Julie Sullivan | Greencap



Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) has been a historically understood occupational hazard in industries such as mining and tunnelling, however in many industries monitoring and control of dusts containing RCS is still poorly recognised and managed. Recent changes to the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations have highlighted the continuing need to identify and mitigate these risks in a much broader range of sectors. Greencap’s Certified Hygienists, Julie Sullivan (CIH) and Jason Green (COH) will share their extensive experience with identifying poorly recognised RCS risks in construction settings and approaches to assessing health risks and managing worker exposure to RCS.

Jason has over 28 years’ experience in the fields of occupational hygiene, indoor air and environmental air quality (IAQ/IEQ), chemical exposure, hazardous materials, workplace health and safety (WHS) and environmental consulting.  Jason has conducted a diverse range occupational hygiene, IAQ, IEQ risk assessments for a wide range of government, commercial, residential and industrial projects.

Jason Green has been the Lead Occupational Hygienist on multiple large construction and infrastructure projects in Sydney and NSW where Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) have been a huge focus. Jason has played a pivotal role in preventing worker illness and disease with many engineered  stone, stonemason, manufacturing  and other silica-related and focused industries as well as being an advisor to the National Government Silica-related strategy and action plan.

Julie Sullivan is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) from Canada with over 25 years’ experience in the field of occupational hygiene and hazardous materials. With her Chemistry background, Julie has conducted hundreds of occupational hygiene risk assessments dealing with toxic materials such as lead, ammonia, crystalline silica, isocyanates and clandestine laboratories and more. She served as a medic in the Canadian Naval Reserve and has found that training useful for infection control projects in hospitals and health care environments. A passionate believer that education is the key for worker understanding and protection, Julie has developed and presented thousands of bespoke courses ranging from 1-hour toolbox talks to 2-day long HazMat courses.