Are you facing challenges with non-payment in the civil construction industry? Join our webinar designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage and mitigate non-payment issues.

This session is essential for contractors, subcontractors, and project managers who want to ensure they get paid on time and in full.

The webinar includes:
    > a discussion about why payment disputes arise in civil construction
    > ways to practically minimise payment disputes
    > dispute resolution options such as using the Security of Payment legislation
    > interactive Q&A

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We look forward to you joining us for this important webinar.

Guest Speakers:

Ping Gangur
Principal Lawyer – Level Playing Field Lawyers

A Registered Domestic Builder, Commercial Builder and lawyer, Ping Gangur established Level Playing Field Lawyers based on her first-hand experience working on construction projects and the many legal issues facing the construction industry and the solutions needed to resolve them.

Since its inception, Level Playing Field Lawyers has achieved many successful client outcomes with Ping herself advising the Westgate Tunnel and North-East Link projects and also successfully representing multiple claimants and respondents under the Security of Payment Act.

Bojan Gangur
Current CEO at Blue Cube Developments but former Engineer and subcontractor

Bojan Gangur is Business Development Manager for Level Playing Field Lawyers and also CEO of construction company Blue Cube Developments.

A skilled negotiator and mediator, Bojan has extensive experience managing construction work, negotiation and dispute resolution and provides advice on building methodologies and assistance in defining defective construction.