Wed 22 Oct 2014

Finalisation of the Regional Local Government Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM):

Members will be familiar that CCF has had a significant role in brokering a “one size fits all” Design Manual for Regional Local Government. This initiative has been strongly supported by the State Government, Local Government, CCF, The Association of Land Development Engineers (ALDE) and the Urban Development Institute of Australia. To date, in excess of 40 Regional Councils have signed onto the Manual.

The motivation behind the initiative was to bring about a much higher level of infrastructure design standardisation across Regional Local Government in order to minimise the costly variability of differing designs.

The Manual is now complete (which you can view by clicking here), although it remains a live document under constant review by the IDM Technical Committee (CCF is involved in this group), so there is every intention to maintain its currency, relevance and standardisation principles into the future.

As part of the Manual, a segment which defines the role of the Contract Superintendant (in subdivisional contracts) is included…click here to view this document.

The final stage of CCF’s involvement is to confirm its support for the current (and future versions) of the manual. As such I ask contractors, (particularly those who regularly undertake development projects) to review the intent of the documents and advise of any concerns they might have with CCF formally supporting the intent of the documents by emailing

If Members have any queries in relation to the Manual or its application, please contact CEO of CCF Victoria John Stewart on (03) 9822 0900.