Tue 11 Dec 2018

CCF Foresite Program ‘Kicks Off’ for 2018!

With the CCF Foresite Program now in its 9th Year, we are delighted that many of the members are now using this program as part of their recruitment planning strategy.

Attracting good graduates is an ongoing challenge within the contracting industry and the Foresite Program creates an environment that allows contractors and students alike to understand and align to the unique needs of the contracting industry.

It builds a bridge between the general principles being taught and the adaptation of those principles to the specific challenges facing the application of engineering principles within the contracting industry.

The program doesn’t come with the downsides implicit in offering a full position. The program creates flexibilities which allow the contractor and the student to explore the fit of the student, their career and the company without being locked in.

This year we had 18 Placements on offer from various Contractor/Employers; after completing the White Card study, the students commenced their 3-month placement and are now on their way to finding out what working in a very busy industry is all about.

Contact our team for more information! 1300 DIAL CCF