Wed 13 Jun 2018

Foundations for Safety – CCF Members Update:

At the last Foundations for Safety (WorkSafe Victoria) forum held late May 2018, CCF Victoria was active in a number of areas or representation for the civil construction industry.

The two items of most significance to the civil construction industry raised at this forum were Mechanical and Structural Inspection of Plant and Equipment (most noticeably Excavators), as well as the pre-use visual inspection of lifting gear (chains, slings, shackles, wire rope etc) – typically associated with a traditional Dogging function in the craneage/vertical lifting arenas.

1. Mechanical and Structural Inspection of Plant and Equipment

The CFMEU raised the incident of an older Excavator, that had been identified with a major structural crack in the boom on a working site.

CCF advocates a thorough regime of mechanical and structural inspections of all high risk Plant and Equipment. This includes Excavators, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, etc. Fixed equipment such as Compressors, Whacker Packers, etc. should also be subject to an inspection regime. The high risk Plant & Equipment inspections should be regular, and a Daily Pre-Start Checklist should be used for all mobile Plant and Equipment. Risk Assessments may also be considered (often required by client’s on an annual basis) to be conducted by an independent 3rd party, or qualified in-house Assessor. The Safe Work Australia publication ‘Managing Risks of Plant in the Workplace – Code of Practice‘ can be found at section 3.6 – CLICK HERE

Smaller items should be subject to a less frequent inspection regime, undertaken by a competent person (i.e. Compressors & Pressure Vessels – and regular  inspections by a licensed pressure Vessel inspector – see WorkSafe GuidelinesCLICK HERE.

A properly designed Plant & Equipment Daily Checklist should be used for the purpose of daily pre-use inspections. More rigorous inspections may also be scheduled on a 3 or 6 monthly basis, dependent on the frequency of use of specific items.

2. Pre-Use Visual Inspection of Lifting Gear

CCF is investigating the provision of a short course for workers engaged in the slinging of loads on civil construction sites ‘the horizontal lifting’ arena – in order to properly equip workers with the necessary skills and knowledge on what damage to look for in slings, chains, shackles, wire ropes, pre-engineered attachment points on items (i.e shields, large concrete pipes/pits, etc.) – before each and every use of the gear. CCF are in discussions with a Non Destructive Testing organisation, and looking at training options to assist the industry achieve best practice in this area.

Members are encouraged to provide feedback to CCF as to the level of interest in the industry in undertaking this program. The training will be delivered by experts in the field of NDT – which includes importantly a visual inspection aspect.

It is important to note that this proposed course does not substitute for a high risk Dogging licence – but is more designed to ensure company’s can demonstrate ‘reasonably practical’ compliance to their duty of care under the OHS Act (Vic) 2004.”

For more information on any of the above information, please contact Peter Kaneen at CCF Victoria on (03) 9588 7600.