Tue 05 May 2015

The Proposed Budget for 2015/2016 for Greater Bendigo:

From Cr Peter Cox, Mayor City of Greater Bendigo

The City of Greater Bendigo Council aims to deliver an ambitious $62.8M Capital and Major Works program, while investing $163.4M in service delivery through the City’s operating Budget.

Partnerships with other levels of government mean that works on a new 1,600m long runway at the Bendigo Airport, the Greater Bendigo Indoor Aquatic Leisure and Wellbeing Centre and the Bendigo Stadium expansion can commence.

To limit the financial impact on ratepayers Council will borrow $5M and receive $21M in grants for operating activities, along with $14.2M in grants for capital works.

The five per cent rate increase will enable Council to begin rolling out the New Paths Program, with over $1M to be spent in 2015/16. The Budget also includes a further $1.3M to renew existing footpaths. There is also $9.8M to upgrade sealed roads, $2.5M to improve gravel roads and $3.5M to upgrade existing drainage systems.

Council’s commitment to having better community and recreation facilities continues with $1.7M for the construction of a social pavilion at Canterbury Park. There is also capital works funding for Dower Park Reserve, Spring Gully Soccer Pavilion and the joint use facilities at Marist College Bendigo at Maiden Gully.

Heathcote benefits with $500,000 to commence development of the Barrack Reserve Community Hub, $150,000 to upgrade football change rooms at Barrack Reserve, $60,000 for Stage 2 of the Heathcote Play Space and $25,000 to connect the O’Keefe Rail Trail to the Heathcote CBD.

Projects in smaller communities include resurfacing tennis courts at Elmore, replacing play equipment and erecting cricket nets at Malone Park at Marong, undertaking bridge construction works at Mandurang and road repairs at Avonmore and Emu Creek.

Over $2M will go towards a partnership project with the Federal Government and 15 other local councils to continue upgrading 23,000 streetlights in north, west and central Victoria with energy efficient technology. This initiative is expected to save the City in the order of $19.5M over the next 20 years.

CLICK HERE to view the City of Greater Bendigo Proposed Budget for 2015/2016.

Have your say on the Proposed Budget 2015/2016:

Greater Bendigo City Council now invites community members to review and make submission to the proposed Budget 2015/2016. Written submissions sent to PO Box 733, Bendigo, VIC, 3552 or budget@bendigo.vic.gov.au and received on or before Friday May 15, 2015 will be considered.

City of Greater Bendigo, Cr Peter Cox, will be speaking with CCF Members at the upcoming Bendigo/Loddon Contractors Dinner on Thursday 21 May, 2015. Peter’s focus for the evening will be to communicate information about the proposed Council budget, and to provide a synopsis of the Residential Strategy and the Integrated Transport Land Use Strategy and associated planned infrastructure works. Please click here to register your attendance.