Fri 08 Aug 2014

Gippsland Water Contractor Accreditation:

It seems that within the water industry Contractor Accreditation Deeds are the flavour of the month.

Gippsland Water (GW) will be the next water retailer to move to a revised Contractor Accreditation model. The previous version (and the one currently in place) is flawed in a number of areas and does not do justice to the contractor-water company-developer relationships.

CCF staff arranged for David Mawer (Managing Director of Gippsland Water) to meet CCF Members recently to discuss the forward directions of the retailer. This was followed by a series of introductory meetings with Contractors, Developers and Consultant Engineers to enable GW to determine the best way forward.

GW have, on the back of some serious words from CCF about direct contractor consultation, committed to maintaining open and frank dialogue with all stakeholders throughout the process.

Whilst it is early days, we are confident that contractor’s interests will be appropriately recognised and a strongly workable model will be achieved.

Water sector contractors across Gippsland should note that South Gippsland Water, East Gippsland Water and Westernport Water are all watching the GW process closely with a stated view of moving towards Contractor Accreditation Deeds in the foreseeable future. CCF has strongly advised them that standardisation of Deed requirements is a not negotiable item on CCF’s Agenda.

CCF will keep Gipplsand Water contractors updated on progress on these issues as they develop.

For more information, please contact CCF Victoria on (03) 9822 0900.