CCF Victoria can now advise that the VEDN training sessions for the installation of underground electrical infrastructure is about to recommence with an updated and upgraded course available through Civil Train.

The VEDN training course previously known as VEDN U/G Electrical Infrastructure – Civil (Module 1) which was required for VEDN accreditation of Civil Contractors, was withdrawn during 2021, This was due to concerns that the content had become out of date and did not include design standards being developed at that time.

During 2021, VESI released its new Urban Residential Development (URD) standard, a single dedicated document which specifies common design and construction requirements for URD projects across all five distribution businesses (DBs).

The URD is available HERE.

Following the availability of the URD, VEDN has now released new content for the training course to be known as “Installation of Underground Electrical Infrastructure” in lieu of the previous Module 1.  The material forms the basis of the new CCF Victoria course of the same name.

This course is a requirement for Civil Contractors wanting to become accredited with VEDN.

A pilot presentation of the course, observed by VEDN is taking place on the 1 March 2022 to validate the learning materials. Following this pilot presentation, the training course will become available for delivery.

All applicants currently on the CCF Waiting List to undertake this course will be advised of the availability and invited to book their training sessions through CCF Victoria – RTO 3704.

If you have any question, please contact CCF Victoria on 03 9588 7600 or email

Note: Preference will be given to those applicants already on the waiting lists, after which new applicants can be enrolled.