A new initiative from Incolink that delivers enhanced health checks and skin checks to construction workers in Victoria and Tasmania.

Incolink in partnership with the Australian Prostate Centre, is proud to announce the arrival of the Incolink Bus. The Incolink Bus was officially launched in Melbourne on 27 June 2019.

The Incolink Bus headlines a new line-up of services that broaden Incolink’s industry-leading Health Checks program. The Incolink Bus enhances our existing health checks model by adding prostate screening and bringing General Practitioners into the program.

The Incolink Bus is a brand new, purpose built mobile facility that is fitted with two fully equipped consulting rooms and a waiting room. It will enable GPs and nursing staff to travel to construction sites across Victoria and Tasmania delivering health checks such as prostate, skin cancer, cholesterol, diabetes and general physical check-ups to workers.

Individual health checks take 20 minutes per worker and are bulk billed so there is no cost to workers or employers. It is anticipated that around 4,000 health checks will be delivered to construction workers each year on the Incolink Bus.

For more information and know more about this initiative please CLICK to download the Incolink Bus Supporter Pack