Wed 20 Feb 2019

Incolink’s Invitation to Blue Hats ‘General Awareness Sessions’

Following the launch of the Bluehats Program in October 2018, Incolink received strong interest and are now well into delivering on worksites across the industry. Many employers/employees however have transient working patterns or do not regularly work on large sites. Incolink want to ensure those that are unlikely to come across the General Awareness Session (GAS) on a project worksite, for whatever reason, can still participate. Incolink have therefore created an alternative option.

Incolink are inviting you/your employees to participate in GAS training (x1 hr free training) at Incolink’s Head Office in Carlton. Once this GAS session is done, participants will be eligible to volunteer for the further Full day of Bluehats Training (x7 hrs free training) affording them a place in the Incolink Bluehat network. Bluehat trainees will receive further support, regular updates and the opportunity to play an active role in their workgroup as “go to” persons for seeking help, having a chat, offering direction and referral along with an increased capacity to look out for the warning signs of mental health issues in others.

Much like physical first aiders, Incolink’s Bluehat trained network will add to Incolink’s first response to the growing need for mental health support. As an employer Incolink understand having supportive, capable people in your team is vital for maintaining the wellbeing of your workforce. For more information, visit the Bluehats webpage:

CLICK HERE to download a Bluehats information flyer designed for employers as a starting point in communicating the Bluehats GAS session with employees. It has an editable field to add primary employer contact information. Feel free to use this or preferred method to engage your workers in the program.

Once you have confirmed interest with your employees and nominated a primary contact person please complete the registration sheet and return to to indicate participation. Incolink will need to liaise directly with your nominated primary contact person in order to:

  1. Indicate number of workers you wish to attend each session,
  2. Confirm number of workers attending 48 hrs prior,
  3. Provide attendance confirmation following the session.

See below for upcoming General Awareness Session times:

 Date: Wed 27 Feb 2019 Thurs 28 Feb
Time: 7AM – 8AM or
8:30AM – 9:30AM
7AM – 8AM or
8:30AM – 9:30AM
Location: Incolink Office
151 Rathdowne Street, Carlton
Incolink Office
151 Rathdowne Street, Carlton


If you have any questions about the above sessions, please contact Yvonne Bird on:
Phone: (03) 9668 3013

CCF and Incolink are committed to helping raise awareness of mental health issues, and with your help, providing further support throughout the construction industry as we strive to reduce suicide.