Wed 18 May 2016

Independent Inquiry into EPA:

EPA welcomes release of independent review findings.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) welcomes the release of the report of the Ministerial Advisory Committee’s Independent Inquiry into EPA. It was timely that, after 45 years of service to Victoria, EPA be reviewed to ensure it is well positioned to meet future challenges posed by a changing environment, shifting economy and growing population.

CLICK HERE to download the report in full.

The Independent Inquiry into EPA represents significant opportunity for reform that will shape positive future environmental outcomes for all Victorians. The report, released by Minister Neville today, sets out a vision of EPA as a modern, agile regulator, distinguished by its scientific expertise and its unique ability to contribute to strategic directions that will shape our state, economy and communities. The report also heralds fundamental change that will shift EPA’s regulatory focus to a robust, prevention-based model which will protect human health and the environment by reducing the harmful effects of pollution and waste.

Much has changed since EPA was created in 1971: technology, industry, the role of government and the environment itself. EPA understands that the community has grown and changed, as have expectations of its environmental regulator. EPA looks forward to receiving the Victorian Government’s response to the Inquiry report and to implementing the change that will position it to address future environmental challenges and meet community, industry and government expectations.

As an important part of the Inquiry, many Victorians took the opportunity to have their say on the future of EPA. This has given EPA confidence that the Inquiry process will take it closer to being the strong, modern environmental regulator that Victorians want it to be – an EPA that protects their health, underpinned by a philosophy of prevention and improvement. Protecting our environment is critical to Victoria’s future livability, well-being and economic prosperity. As Victoria’s environmental regulator, EPA is committed to playing a leadership role in ensuring the environment is protected for future generations.

EPA will continue to support the Inquiry process, contributing when required to the Victorian Government’s response led by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). Once the Government’s response is finalised, EPA will work with DELWP to implement accepted recommendations.

EPA acknowledges the many partner agencies, businesses and individuals who contributed to the Inquiry, and looks forward to working together to create a stronger, more effective EPA to better protect Victoria’s environment.

If you have any questions about the report or its findings, please contact CCF Environmental Field Officer Wayne Huntley on (03) 9822 0900 or