Thu 10 Sep 2015

Independent Inquiry Into the Environment Protection Authority – EPA Needs Your Input!

All CCF Members – please be aware of a major public inquiry into the Environment Protection Authority, which commenced on 1 June 2015.

This inquiry will examine EPA Victoria to establish how the government can develop the Authority with a future-focus, to ensure it can protect public health, while protecting the Victorian environment. Three key areas for examination by the Inquiry include:

  • responding to community concerns,
  • improving regulatory efficiency and effectiveness, and
  • combining environmental protection with economic viability.

On 19 August, CCF participated in a discussion with other industry stakeholders to provide input into the following three questions…

  1. What key issues and challenges does EPA Victoria currently face as a department, regulator and facilitator?
  2. What are the implications of these issues and challenges for the future of EPA Victoria?
  3. What are the implications of these issues and challenges for the future of industry?

Using these key questions, EPA Victoria would like industry and community representatives to continue to help shape the inquiry by making an online submission at or in writing to EPA by 31 October, 2015.

The website for the inquiry ( contains the Inquiry Discussion Paper for your review, discussion forums, information about related events (including various consultation meetings), media releases and up-to-date information about the type of stakeholder feedback that has been received.

From this, a Ministerial Advisory Committee will make a written report to the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water by 31 March, 2016. The Minister will publicly release the report and a response to its findings and recommendations on behalf of the Victorian Government in mid-2016.

For more information about this or if you have any questions, please contact CCF Environmental Field Officer Wayne Huntley on (03) 9822 0900.