Thu 22 Jan 2015

Industry Consultation on Drilling Mud Classification – Now Open to all CCF Members:

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA Victoria) this week released a draft classification for drilling mud.

Click on the link to open up the draft:

This draft classification for drilling mud was developed to provide regulatory clarity for industry. Currently, as a “liquid waste” it is classified as a Category A prescribed industrial waste (PIW) under the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009.

This draft document proposes a re-classification of drilling mud and as a non-PIW, providing that certain conditions are met by the waste producer, transporter and receiver; and appropriate measures are in place to prevent pollution to the environment.

EPA has drafted this classification based on advice and data from existing facilities and experts, including initial consultation with CCF in November 2014. EPA seeks to incorporate the views of the community, industry and government in the final classification.

This is an issue relevant to many contractors within the CCF Membership, so if you would like to comment on the draft classification please do so by contacting CCF Environmental Field Officer Wayne Huntley on (03) 9822 0900 or at; or direct to EPA Victoria at by 5:00pm on Friday 27 February 2015.