Introducing CCF ConnectCV

In lockstep with CCF commitment to directly address the skilled labour shortage in the civil construction industry, CCF Victoria has introduced CCF ConnectCV – an online platform that brings together students and graduates with employers in a private digital community. Whether you are an employer looking for new-starter or experienced staff, or you are a student seeking a suitable employer to help you take that next step in your career, CCF ConnectCV is here to provide a direct connection to the right people.

CCF ConnectCV for Employers

As part of CCF Victoria Membership, we will be providing our members with exclusive access to CCF ConnectCV.

The platform allows employers to create a profile and post job ads. The employer can actively seek candidates as their profiles are also available to be seen inside this community.

We invite all CCF Members to sign up as employers. It will be an effective destination for connecting you with a community of highly motivated civil contractors, both newly trained and experienced.

This new and innovative career central platform is setting new standards by complementing existing and traditional recruitment strategies to directly connecting CCF Members with talented graduates in the industry.

What does this mean for you?

CCF ConnectCV is a platform that will give you unlimited access to source good talented resources for FREE as a CCF Member!

It is a powerful, but simple recruiting tool that provides you with the best and fairest candidates through the Civil Contractors Federation Victoria network.

Key benefits for Employers:

  • This platform is completely free for CCF Victoria Members (as Employers), with no ongoing fees. Therefore, you can finally post job positions with no costs related.
  • You will have direct and unlimited access to the skills and experience profiles of multiple job candidates.
  • You can advertise jobs on the platform and update job vacancies at any time you wish
  • You will have the ability to search for graduate resumes in a centralised location within seconds and directly contact any suitable candidates on the spot.

There are many more helpful features of CCF ConnectCV that will help guide and assist you in ensuring you are recruiting the right individuals, aligned with your workplace needs and values.

For assistance, call out team on 1300 DIAL CCF or email

CCF ConnectCV for Students

The platform allows students to create their own profile, (hosting their CV, cover letters, photos, videos, portfolio, etc.) and promote themselves as hireable candidates to potential employers. They can also view and apply for jobs posted by CCF Member businesses.

Who can use CCF ConnectCV (Student accounts)?

Access to the CCF ConnectCV (Student accounts) is exclusive to CCF Connect Members. CCF Connect Membership is offered to students and graduates of CCF’s civil construction skills programs and similar programs of other select educational institutions.

CCF Connect Membership

CCF Connect Membership is FREE for the first 12 months and offers multiple, exclusive benefits including;

  • FREE usage (student account) of CCF ConnectCV for 12 months
  • FREE subscription to CCF Connect eNewsletter (released every 3 weeks)
  • FREE subscription to CCF Victoria Bulletin Magazine (online version – 3 issues per year)
  • FREE subscription to CCF special industry alerts, media releases and updates
  • Discounts on tickets to attend CCF hosted events (approx. 40 events per year)
  • FREE CCF MyRewards account for 12 months. See the CCF Victoria website for more details:

After the first 12 months (which are FREE), the cost of CCF Connect Membership = $98 (incl. GST) per person, per annum.

Both newcomers and veterans of the industry will find CCF Connect Membership extremely useful for generating career opportunities, networking and keeping up-to-date with the latest industry news and developments.

For more information or to become a CCF Connect Member, contact the CCF team on 1300 DIAL CCF, or email