Fri 25 Nov 2016

Melbourne Water Tenders:

We understand that MW have completed the review of submissions for their Minor Field and Civil Services contractor panels and will publish the list of successful applicants shortly.

Members’  concerns raised about the process were tabled at a recent meeting with MW and they have acknowledged that some aspects could have been done better. We have also encouraged MW to commence the feedback process now rather than in January 2017; general comments received from the membership is that this information needs to be provided sooner rather than later.

We have also been informed by MW that they will soon be opening up the panels to contractors undertaking work on land development sites however, the intent is to do this by invitation only to those that are currently on the list or those that have expressed interest in being part of it. If you wish to be invited to participate in this process, please register your interest by contacting

At this stage, works may be limited to major drainage infrastructure only. No other details have been provided at this stage; we haven’t been informed on the potential requirements or the process but have offered to work with them with a view of keeping it simple.

We’ll keep you informed as other details come to hand.