Wed 01 Apr 2015

Draft EPA Position Paper requires your feedback: “Publication 1589 Contaminated Soil – Treatment and Disposal”:

The capacity for the treatment of contaminated soils in Victoria historically has been limited. In anticipation of new contaminated soil treatment facilities operating throughout Victoria in 2015, EPA Victoria has released a draft position statement focusing on the following…

EPA’s position is that a contaminated soil generator must be able to demonstrate how it has assessed the practicable accessibility of treatment before it decides to consign the material to landfill for disposal or immobilisation. Where the assessment finds that treatment is practicably accessible, the soil must be treated, as opposed to being landfilled or immobilised prior to landfilling.

These regulatory measures would only apply to soils that meet the practicable accessibility criteria. They would not apply to category C soils or higher categories if triggered by contaminants that cannot be destroyed or removed with available technologies (e.g. thermal treatment of organics).

Please take a few minutes to review the draft position statement in the link provided below and direct your submission/comments to to CCF Environmental Field Officer Wayne Huntley at by C.O.B. 10 April 2015.

Publication 1589 Contaminated Soil – Treatment and Disposal: