Company Bio

Bartlett’s Environmental is focused on providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions. As a family owned and operated company we believe in putting people and planet first. We dedicate considerable time, resources and energy into constant research and improvements to our technology and processes so that we stand out from the crowd at the forefront of innovation in an ever-changing climate. Our staff are invested, we are proud to consistently meet and exceed project outcome expectations despite location, scope and difficulty because we thrive on community engagement, customer satisfaction and transparency of data.
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  • Region
    • Ballarat
    • Bendigo
    • Geelong
    • Gippsland East
    • Gippsland West
    • Horsham
    • Metro East
    • Metro West
    • Mildura
    • Murray
    • Portland
    • Warrnambool
  • Pre-qualified to work with

    VicRoads,Melbourne Water,Yarra Valley Water,South East Water,City West Water,Citipower,SP AusNet,Powercor

  • Services & Equipment
    • Trenching Services
    • Excavators
    • Project Management
    • Earthworks
    • Equipment Hire
    • Underground Services
    • Road Works
    • Enviro Resoration
    • Drainage
    • Water Carts
    • Other