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When experience counts, Alex Charilaou brings bucket loads to the negotiating table, representing his clients to the banks and finance companies. When you meet someone who loves an industry so much and still going strong after 40 years, you need to do yourself a favour and tap into Alex’s wealth of knowledge & experience in all things finance. Whether you are a small business battling with growth, or a larger business being challenged by your bank wanting too much control, Alex will take the time to get to know your business and help make a difference. The first Finlease office to open outside NSW head office, was in Victoria some 20 years ago, where Alex set up camp in Blackburn – Melbourne’s East. With a great support team handpicked to deliver exceptional service, there is no wonder Alex’s team in Victoria has achieved a 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Independent Review Website Alex has proven himself as an expert in various industries over the years and loves spending the majority of his time in the following core industries: Civil Construction (CCF Gold Partner for 15 years) Transport Manufacturing Sawmilling & Logging Scrap Metal Having worked on the other side of the fence for years with some of the majors like ANZ/Esanda, Bankwest and an old Scottish Import Financier, there is nothing Alex has not seen in economies both strong and weak. The one thing constant in whatever challenges you may face, is that Alex will be there to support you, making your life easier.
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