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TDM Pipeline Solutions specialise in trenchless "No-Dig" rehabilitation, maintenance and inspection of sewer and storm water drains and conduits across Australia. Proudly Australian owned and operated, TDM has over 75 employees and is currently servicing VIC & NSW, we are staffed by utility subject matter experts, innovators and pioneers in pipeline rehabilitation. We have some of the best minds in the field. TDM also repairs/relines leaking high rise vertical and horizontal stack pipes and junctions using a "No-demolition" Repiper relining system. TDM focuses on providing customers with the reactive clearing of blockages, drain cleaning services and carrying programmed inspection and maintenance of drains. TDM uses the latest high-tech equipment to understand the operational condition of a customer's asset and assists with diagnosing the cause of drain blockages. This equipment enables TDM to offer customers a precise long-term solution to manage their drain problem. TDM utilises the latest technology in CCTV equipment of provide clarity on asset status and diagnose the cause of ongoing asset blockages; this allows us to offer a precise and long-term end to end solution for your customers. We operate a large, specialised fleet equipped with High-pressure Water Jets, Drain Clearing Machines, CCTV cameras with recording and locating equipment onboard. Our other specialised equipment includes Water Recycling Combination Trucks, Jet Trucks, Combination Trucks, NDD Hydro Excavators, and Robotic Cutting equipment.
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