Industrial Relations Advice for Members

CCF VIC provide all contractors with the latest Industrial Relations (IR) news and information though our partners Ridgeline HR. Regardless of what your query is in relation to, CCF VIC offer advice on a wide range of IR matters including…

  • Defining your business strategy – your vision, goals and values.
  • Improving communications and relationships with your people.
  • Developing better systems for managing and developing your people.
  • Coaching you to better lead and manage your people.
  • Being better at finding and keeping the right people for your business.
  • Resolving conflicts with or between staff.
  • Ensuring you are compliant with your legal obligations as an employer i.e. Minimum Wage Rates.
  • Becoming an employer of choice through accreditation as an “Investor in People”.

Members can also receive IR services at a discounted rate.


If you have a questions about these or any other matter relating to IR, please contact CCF VIC on (03) 9588 7600 or email


Annual Award Rates for the Building and Construction Industry.

2019 RDO Calendar for the Civil Industry.

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