Occupational Health and Safety Services for Members

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CCF Vic can assist you with a comprehensive range of up-to-date safety services and information that are readily accessible.

Our experienced client service officers and OH & S consultant are here to provide all members with assistance in relation to a wide range of OH&S matters in the civil construction industry. These include…

  • Contractor safety management system and integrated management system development; implementation and review.
  • Third party accreditation audit (eg. CCF, ISO AS/NZS, VICROADS, VEDN, MRWA, etc) & self assessments (internal audit and gap analyse)).
  • Liaison with regulators, instrumentalities, councils and unions.
  • Safety management plans and integrated construction project management plans.
  • Safe work method statements (SWMS)- facilitation, compilation & review.
  • Workplace hazard & risk assessments.
  • Plant risk assessment programs (plant assessor).
  • OH&S training, verification of competencies and inductions.
  • OH&S for supervisors and managers.
  • Site safety audits & inspections.
  • Incident investigation and guidance.
  • Representation on various OH&S consultancies and forums.
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Contact our dedicated staff on (03) 9588 7600 for any occupational health and safety related matters. In addition to the in-house staff, we have secured the services of a well-established professional, Peter Kaneen, who has a wealth of experience in the civil construction industry. Peter is well versed with the safety, quality and environmental required on civil construction projects.


CCF Civil Construction Industry Code (Third Party Certification)

  • Contractor Management System (IMS) Reviews, self assessments and internal audit;
  • Gap analysis and preparation for external accreditation audits (JASANZ (ISO), CCF Code, VEDN, MRWA’s (South East Water, City West Water, Yarra Valley Water, etc);
  • Business Management System (IMS) – mobile management system.

Vicroads Contractor OH & S Requirements

  • Vicroads prequalification (national prequalification scheme) application development;
  • Worksite traffic management – requirements;
  • Underground and overhead services requirements – DBYD;
  • Guidelines for managing mobile plant – hazard identification, risk;
  • Updates and alerts.

Worksafe Contractor OHS Requirements

  • Incident reporting requirements advice;
  • Regulations codes of practice updates;
  • Site entry reporting and induction advice;
  • Monthly safety reports distribution;
  • Liaison with worksafe representatives/inspectors;
  • Risk management – The foundation for compliance of a Safety Management System is the risk assessment process. This is a mandated feature of the OHS legislation and Compliance Codes and Codes of Practice.

Assistance with other OHS system elements, including…

  • Policies;
  • Procedures;
  • Guidelines;
  • Legislation and regulations;
  • Codes of practice/compliance codes;
  • Process flowcharts;
  • Reporting;
  • Statistics;
  • Forms & registers;
  • Completed forms and registers – filing and archiving.

Alcohol & Other Drugs (D&A)

A growing area of concern is the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse in society, and the impacts that D&A impairment can have across our high risk industry. CCF can assist in the preparation and implementation of…

  • D&A Policy;
  • D&A Procedures;
  • Workplace testing arrangements;
  • Education & awareness seminars.

CCF Members OH&S Consultative Committee

CCF can assist in helping your organisation fulfill it’s obligations in relation to OHS communication and consultation with workers and sub-contractors. This can include, but is not limited to…

  • OHS Committee formation, legislative compliance and Charter;
  • OHS meetings;
  • OHS agenda and minutes;
  • Latest industry standards and developments;
  • Site OHS issues – hazard identification, risk assessment and communications.

CCF can offer the head office venue to host your consultative process.

OH&S Workshops and Training

  • Regular OH & S consultative forums providing updated OH & S information and advice to members;
  • Specialised accredited OH & S training and internal competency based training;
  • CCF training division representatives also conduct onsite training.

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