CCF Online Meeting Service (OMS)

CCF VIC offers Members a fast and easy way of keeping up to date with industry news and information with the CCF Online Meeting Service (OMS). This service provides a way for CCF to communicate with all Members on a range of different topics throughout the year, where you can attend meetings with us and fellow Members from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

What is the CCF Online Meeting Service and how does it work?

The CCF Online Meeting Service (OMS) is designed to allow an easy and simple way for CCF to meet and interact with our Members at any one time on a range of topics. These include…

  • Updates on the latest industry news that will affect Members.
  • Changes to regulations within the industry.
  • Upcoming events where Members can benefit by attending.
  • Training information and upcoming courses from Civil Train.
  • Member Service updates.

Members are also encouraged to tell CCF if there is a topic or issue that they would like to see us cover or discuss at anytime. We can then arrange to discuss this issue in a public forum or directly with you one-on-one.

Once you enter the meeting, you will be able hear and interact with the CCF Meeting Presenter by viewing any material they choose to display or discuss. You will also be able to share documentation and ask questions at any stage as the meeting progresses.

What will you need to be able to use this service?

The only things you will require are…

  • Reasonably fast and stable internet connection.
  • Working speakers.
  • Access to your email account.

Note: You can also attend meetings using portable devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets. You will simply be instructed to download the Team Viewer App to your device once you click on the ‘Meeting Link’ to join.

What if you are unable to attend the meeting or miss it?

The maximum number of people who are able to attend any of the Online Meetings is 25. So the earlier you click the ‘Meeting Link’ to join on the day, the better the chance you will have in successful attending.

However, if you are unable to attend or miss the meeting, the meeting will be recorded and uploaded to the CCF website in the next few days as a video file.

How to use the CCF Online Meeting Service.


For more information about when the next OMS is schedualed or to suggest a topic would would like usto discuss, please contact CCF VIC direct on (03) 9588 7600 or email