UBIMETUBIMET – Innovative weather products and solutions for Civil Contractors


CCF has partnered with UBIMET – a world leading professional weather service provider – to offer our Members a 14 day FREE trial of UBIMET’s “Weather Cockpit” service.

The Weather Cockpit is a one-stop-shop for hyper-local forecasts with weather parameters specific to the construction industry. All data is updated in 30 minute time steps providing you with the most accurate weather data available in real time.

The Weather Cockpit provides short term and long terms forecasts to assist with planning, operations and decision making. In addition to forecasts the Weather Cockpit also issues “severe weather warnings” to keep your staff and equipment safe.

Whats more, you can access the Weather Cockpit via an online portal on your PC, smart phone or tablet.

For more information on the free trial to Members or for more information on the UBIMET Weather Cockpit Service, visit www.ubimet.com or contact CCF Victoria Branch on (03) 9822 0900.