Wed 01 Feb 2017

Message from the CEO of CCF Victoria – John Kilgour

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of CCF Victoria during 2016.

Since joining CCF in February last year, I have been visibly impressed at the capacity and capability of our Members in building vital infrastructure, which serves to stimulate and drive social and economic growth in this State.  Your contribution in this regard cannot be understated.

A key area of focus for me has been “building the base” for our membership organisation by understanding the key issues and challenges confronting our industry and setting a clear strategic direction for our work. The release of our 2016/17 Action Plan, centered on 5 strategic drivers (SMART), provides the impetus for this with our key objectives now subject to review.

2017 will be about “changing the game” through enhancing our offer and service delivery model.

I encourage you to read our CCF Victoria President’s report to Members in the latest edition of the Bulletin magazine (Summer Edition).  Domenic De-Fazio talks about a number of pertinent issues in this edition including our new office / training facilities purchased at Notting Hill and the findings of our Process Fitness Review where you told us that there is a general lack of understanding of the CCF service offering to Members.

These are both catalysts for change. As we move forward in 2017, I am excited about the future direction of CCF Victoria and the enhancement of our service offering that we are developing for Members. This includes the launch of our exciting Civil Futures project in July.

In response to the above Process Fitness Review finding, we have prepared a “Member Services” brochure which was posted to all Members last week. It provides you with an overview of the current services offered by CCF as part of your membership and the key points of contact. Please keep the document handy for your future reference and this will be updated during the year as new service benefits are delivered.

Our commitment, is to ensure we remain relevant to our growing membership base and that we deliver a service offering that meets your on-going business needs. I look forward to the year ahead with much enthusiasm and we will keep you abreast of our work and the exciting initiatives planned at CCF over the ensuing months.

Once again, many thanks for your continued support and contribution to CCF Victoria.

Warm regards ,

John Kilgour

Chief Executive Officer – CCF Victoria