Wed 12 Nov 2014

Metropolitan Planning Authority Update:

The MPA has finalised eight new Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) for the creation of progressive new suburbs in Melbourne’s growth areas, and two in Regional Victoria.

The approval of the Truganina, Riverdale, Tarneit North, Clyde Creek, Casey Fields South, Thompsons Road, Quarry Hills,and Berwick Waterways PSPs are the result of some years work by the MPA in close cooperation with Local Government and the range of bodies, both private and Government.

Minor PSPs for Woodlands (60 lifestyle lots as an extension to the Greenvale Central precinct) and Toolern Park (534 housing lots) were gazetted in late October.

The new PSPs will help guide the development of communities with a mix of housing options, access to new schools, new roads, community facilities and sports facilities. These areas will be the best served in Melbourne for public open space and walking networks, and have Melbourne’s best cycling infrastructure. These new precincts will also incorporate well designed and located town centres close to all housing and along with some business areas encourage commercial and retail activity to support thousands of jobs.

These plans have been developed with the help of extensive community consultation and collaboration with local councils. Brief descriptions of the approved plans are included below, and more detail is available on our website.

Wyndham Structure Plans:

TheTruganina, Riverdale and Tarneit North precincts will make “development ready” the areas to the north of Wyndham that have excellent access to public transport via the soon to be completed Regional Rail Link.

While the area will be developed over some years the granting of planning permits in Truganina, Riverdale and Tarneit North will allow immediate development of many new housing sites, $168 million worth of developer funded infrastructure works and trigger $85.5 million in GAIC payments.

Additionally the finalisation of the $808 million Wyndham North Development Contributions Plan (DCP) will make a significant contribution towards new infrastructure across these three new precincts. It sets out the delivery of more than 50km of new arterial roads, 67 signalised intersections, 26 bridges and culverts, pedestrian crossings, 177 ha of sports fields, and community centres. This package headlines more than $1.2 billion of developer contributions approved in the Wyndham growth area during the past three months to support the delivery of crucial road links, open space and community services.

Approval of the Wyndham North DCP follows the gazettal in July of a $431.6 million contributions package for works in the Wyndham West sub-corridor. There will also be additional infrastructure funded through Growth Areas Infrastructure Contributions (GAIC), Section 173 agreements, Government budget contributions and contributions from Wyndham City Council, as well as developer funded works.

Casey Structure Plans:

The Thompsons Road PSP in Clyde North allows the early delivery of medical services, commercial and retail development, 23 hectares of space for parks and sports facilities and medium density housing around a new town centre. Commercial and industrial land and land for private medical facilities will ultimately support 8,500 jobs. One of the innovations in the plan will be a demonstration of how electricity easement land can be used for open space, and recreation and commercial uses, to overcome one generally overlooked area of planning blight caused by these utility easements.

Completed PSPs for Clyde Creek and Casey Fields South set out future development to support approximately 15,000 homes as well as key infrastructure, services and open space.

Berwick Waterways’ innovative flood mitigation and integrated water cycle management techniques will allow the development of an attractive new community based around wetlands and landscaped open spaces. This has been a complex plan because of its relatively small size and water management problems. While it has been several years in the planning, thenew residential community will be innovative, attractive and use water as a theme for the suburb as well as and integrating with existing residential neighbourhoods within the Hallam Valley catchment area.

Regional Planning:

The new Warragul and Drouin precinct structure plans (PSPs) have been approved via Amendment C108. These PSPs are accompanied bya development contributions plan to set out future infrastructure in both towns.

These plans will guide the development of commercial space to support business growth and up to 7000 new jobs and cater to increasing residential demand by setting out lots for 20,000 new homes over the next 30 years. Central to the vision of the PSPs is the protection of the towns’ country feel, ensuring that the countryside and stunning landscape remain part of, and be visible from the town centres. The PSPs cover 950 hectares in Warragul and 680 hectares in Drouin, and set out more than 80 hectares of new sports fields, bike trails and walking paths, 70 hectares of new parks, and improvements to the road network.

New PSPs Out For Community Comment:

The MPA is continuing to work through its extensive Greenfields planning program, with several PSPs to be released for consultation before the end of the year.

A plan to guide development of the English Street precinct in Donnybrook has been released and will be available for public comment until December 1, 2014. This PSP sets out 1200 housing lots, an office park and a local convenience centre to support 700 jobs, attractive open space and improvements to local roads.

Rockbank PSP is also out for consultation. This PSP sets out development of almost 8000 housing lots, as well as new primary and secondary schools, commercial space, attractive open space, and improvements to Rockbank Railway Station.

Fishermans Bend:

You may have read recent media reports about the planning permit application process for Fishermans Bend. While the local Councils will maintain responsibility for many planning matters, the MPA assumed responsibility on October 1 for planning permit applications for developments with more than 10,000 square metres of gross floor space or building height of four storeys or more, developments of 60 or more dwellings, or development of public land with an estimated cost of $10 million or more, in areas that do not immediately adjoin main areas of existing housing. These powers relate only to the Capital City zone and are similar to the normal processes undertaken by the Planning Department in the central Melbourne area. The Fishermans Bend Strategic Framework Plan is available on our web site.

Metropolitan Open Space Strategy:

Work is progressing on development of a city wide open space strategy, which will set out the ongoing delivery of a world class open space network for our growing city.

Our open space team is preparing for its first meetings with metropolitan councils to discuss strengths and gaps in local networks. This consultation will inform preparation of a Melbourne-wide open space map, which will build on earlier work by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council and provide a detailed view of our current network and how the network could look in 2050. The team is also beginning discussions with State Government, industry and community stakeholders to explore ways of making better use of the existing network, identify opportunities for new open space and new connections, clarify government roles and responsibilities, set out principles for good network design and identify sustainable and appropriate funding arrangements.

We are interested in your suggestions and advice as to how the open space network can best serve the community in its current state as well as how we can continue to accommodate the community’s needs as Melbourne grows. Please call Alexandra Links on (03) 9651 9637 if you have any questions in relation to development of the strategy.

If you have any questions about this, please contact CCF Victoria on (03) 9822 0900 or Peter Seamer, CEO of the Metropolitan Planning Authority on (03) 9651 9620.