Wed 14 Dec 2016

Modern Award Review – CCF Submission Now Public:

On the 3rd of  December  2015, the  Civil  Contractors  Federation (CCF) filed a Submission  to  the  4  yearly modern award reviews proposing 10 variations to the Building and Construction General On – site Award 2010.

After a number of their initial proposed changes to the document were removed, a further submission to the Fair Work Commission was completed before 2 December, 2016. As part of that submission,  the  Civil  Contractors  Federation  is  pressing  eight  remaining  variations  to  the Building  and  Construction General on Site award 2010.

Please visit the Fair Work Commission site to see a complete list of submissions on this subject from industry groups or CLICK HERE to read a copy of the most recent submission from CCF which looks at implementing the following amendments and variations…

  1. Award Clause 17.2 Definition of Redundant
  2. New award Clause Introduction of Junior Rates
  3. Award Clause 31.3 Payment of Wages
  4. Award Clause 22.2 (h) Definition of Dirty Work
  5. Award Clause 24.3 (a) (i)Living Away from Home Allowance
  6. Award Clause 25.2 Travelling Time
  7. Award Clause 25.8 (b) Provision of Transport
  8. Clause 4.10 (b) (ii) Definition of Civil Work v Asphalt Work

If you have any questions about this submission or would like more information about it, please contact CCF Victoria directly on (03) 9822 0900.